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Carette G0

Carette G0 Drop-link Couplings 1909 - 1917

Standard type

Usually this coupling was cranked as shown because the coupling slot was below deck-level. Please advise if you want yours straight.

Drop-link coupling complete - £ 3.20

Link only - £ 1.00


‘Prong-fixing’ type

Some carette wagons had prongs punched out of the base to retain the coupling. The coupling was as that illustrated but with a larger pivot hole. A coupling adrift probably means a broken prong. We offer a little two-prong tinplate ‘repair patch’. This slips through the original piercing. It’s best to put both prongs through for a secure fix. It’s impossible to predict exact dimensions for a break of this nature and a little filing may be needed. You may wish to paint the patch to match the vehicles deck.

We will ship the patch flat to simplify packing.

Drop-link coupling complete - £ 3.50

Link only - £ 1.00

Repair patch - £1.00


There is a third variant of the Carette gauge 0 coupling which lacks a true pivot; instead it is retained in an L-shaped slot in the buffer-beam. We need to know if there is a demand - please email us.