The French manufacturer ‘Jouets de Paris’ was later known as ‘JeP’ and had a greater following in France than Hornby. Latterly they used the elegant auto-coupling below. (Our replica coupling is of stainless steel and the brackets are of blackened steel.)

In their early days the standard coupling was the less elegant ‘croc’ which you will also find on this page.

Those who collect both JeP and Hornby should see our adaptor coupling - click on the ‘Adaptors’ button.

Jep later-type auto-coupling - £ 4.75

This is the later type which lasted to the end of production.

The coupling is made of stainless steel and the bracket of blackened steel. The design differs in detail from the JeP original to suit our manufacturing methods. The changes are apparent in the photos and can only be seen by inverting the vehicle. The coupling functions as the original and is fully compatible.

Price is for one coupling. Two are pictured to show the construction clearly..

‘Croc’ couplings.

This is an older style of Jep coupling. As they are most in demand from French collectors all stock has been passed to our agent in France, Monsieur Didier Niquet. Please email enquiries to -

Jep early ‘croc’ auto-coupling with rectangular mounting bracket.

Jep early ‘croc’ auto-coupling with circular mounting bracket.

 The ‘croc’ coupling engages with a wire loop on the next vehicle. We are willing to make the loop on receipt of a dealer or club order for 25 pieces or more.