W-irons/brakegear set for coarse 0-gauge

A good many years ago the design started as a complete chassis in imitation of Hornby, with features from different eras of the Meccano company’s production. The vestige remaining is the brake lever and the way in which it is retained in the V-hanger by a twist of its tab. Otherwise, the design has evolved to a point where it is more in keeping with original Leeds, Milbro, Bassett-Lowke etc.

The W-irons are in etched nickel-silver, the brake hangers in laser-cut Zintec. They are supplied in natural finish, buyer to paint. We recommend use of an etching primer.

The pictures show the component parts. They have holes for screw-fixing..


Blackened steel brake levers are normally supplied but you can specify stainless steel levers at no extra cost.

Sets are available with and without wheelsets. Wheels are replica Hornby, either plastic (by Stuart Metcalfe) or tinplate (by Tony Funnell). Axles are plain rod of standard Hornby length and diameter with plastic spacers to set the gauge.

With plastic wheelsets - 10.95 per set

With tinplate wheelsets - 12.35 per set

Without wheelsets - 7.95 per set

Note - Hornby wheels rotated on their axles. We do not recommend the use of wheelsets with rotating axles as there is insufficient thickness of metal to give a good bearing surface