Handling charge, postage and packing.

To offset the Royal Mail increases we have devised new methods of packing our products to protect against crushing; so for UK customers we can now post a wider range of small parts at 'large letter' rate. Some will still have to go as 'small parcel'.

Please consider raising multiple orders through your local enthusiasts' group to offset postage. Enquire about our discount terms.

We are always happy to supply in quantity to dealers and societies.

Payment is accepted by PayPal (accounts@progress-products.co.uk) - we will gladly quote a total and raise a PayPal ‘Money Request’; by cheque or postal order in UK pounds payable to ‘Progress Products’; or by bank transfer - please request bank details.

Here is our complete list including some items which we have yet to illustrate in the body of the website - please ask if you want pictures. They are grouped by postage - you pay only the highest rate applicable when placing an order for multiple items.

All are Hornby O-gauge except where specified.

Brushes, pair, for French B0B0 or PO locos & others taking 2.9mm dia. brushes 6.95

Vigie roof (French brakeman’s cabin), nickel silver unpainted 70p

Vigie door 1.20

Vigie door handle 34p

Rear cover for French Hornby automatic colour light signal 1.50

Brake levers for Hornby type 50 chassis. Specify stainless steel (to simulate originals) or blackened 1 pair

Drop-link coupling, wagon/van, small 2

Ditto, with extra hole for M1/EM6/EM120 locos 3

Ditto, with cropped back (provide sketch) 3.50

Drop-link for above 75p

Drop-link coupling, wagon/van, large, older pattern 2

Drop-link for above 75p

Eyelets pack of 10 1 (Black is standard. Colours available; please enquire.)

Auto-coupling (Liverpool) complete 2.20 ea.

Wire loop for above 70p

Auto-coupling (French) complete 2.20 ea.

Wire loop for above 70p

Auto-coupling, long for bogie vehicles 3.20 ea.

Wire loop for above 70p

Coupling, type 30 tender 1

French B0B0 loco roof vent for green or two-tone loco (specify green or grey) 4.40

Other makes -

Carette drop-link coupling with rivet 3.20

Drop-link for above 1.00

Carette gauge 1 drop-link coupling with rivet 3.50

Drop-link for above 1.20

JeP early ‘croc’ hook with rectangular or circular bracket - see relevant page

JeP later auto (slightly modified design – see website) 4.95

Hornby – JeP adaptor coupling (see May 2014 Journal) 4.95

LR (Louis Roussy – Le Rapide) early auto, stainless steel 3.75

LR later auto, stainless steel 3.75

Our own W-iron & brake-lever sets -

W-iron pairs with Metcalfe wheels - 10.95 **

     - without wheelsets - 7.95

Bogies, pair, similar to BigBig or B-Lowke

- with Metcalfe wheels 11.95**

- without wheels 7.75**

Handling/postage on above UK 1.50; Europe 3.95; Rest of World 4.60

except ** - UK 3.75; Europe 4.40; RoW 5.45


Cowl for snowplough. Assembled in any variation. Buyer to paint.

Nickel-silver. 10.95

Headlamp for cowl - 2.50

Vigie (French brakeman’s cabin), nickel-silver, assembled with door.

Handrail & door-handle (where applicable) supplied loose for final assembly and painting.

- for wagon 7.95

- for van 7.50

- for Bobigny-made wagon (no ladder) 7.05

- for wine wagon 6.65

Cable drums, please enquire or watch Journal/website

Handling/postage on above UK 3.75; Europe 4.40; RoW 5.45


Eyelet-setting kit (see May 2014 HRCA Journal) 17.50

Handling/postage on above UK 3.75; Europe 5.95; RoW 8.15

(Please check postage for multiple kits.)


Quantity discount available on most items. Please enquire.