Welcome to Derek Strickland’s Progress Products web site

Progress Products make 0-gauge trains in imitation of the toys of the first half of the twentieth century, by such makers as Hornby, Bassett-Lowke, Leeds Model Company, Milbro etc. They do not aspire to the realism of a finescale model, yet convey ‘traininess’ very effectively. Think of them as solid Impressionism; modelling in broad strokes.

While collector prices spiral skyward, we offer new products at an affordable price. We don’t limit production runs and we try to export products, not employment.

Modern regulations prevent our selling the products as toys; but what better excuse for the grown-ups to play trains, than ‘supervision’?

The Progress Products range is expanding beyond the original Hornby-inspired items to include spare parts for other makes and ‘self-build’ parts of our own design.

Click on ‘Couplings’ or ‘Wagon Parts’ for repair items for various manufacturers’ rolling stock; or on ‘Trackside’ for parts such as rear covers for French Hornby light signals.

In the ‘Self-build’ page we list a few parts for building or repairing wagons and vans.

We despatch goods that are held in stock within five working days. Items that are assembled to order may take ten. (Examples are wagons and vans, and snowplough cowls; but we normally have all the component parts to hand.)

We can offer discount to dealers and societies on some products - please enquire.