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Old toy train manufacturers like Hornby, Bassett-Lowke, Leeds Model Company, Milbro etc. did not aspire to the realism of a finescale model, yet their products conveyed ‘traininess’ very effectively. Think of them as solid Impressionism; modelling in broad strokes.

For well over twenty years Progress Products have manufactured chassis which have found use under Wessex bodies and have been offered as R-T-R drum wagons, vehicle carriers and container wagons. Modern regulations prevent our selling the products as toys; but what better excuse for the grown-ups to play trains, than ‘supervision’? We don’t limit production runs and we try to export products, not employment.

A message from Derek Strickland -

I am now mobile again with my brand-new hip joint. Like the ‘Flying Scotsman’, which like me was made in Doncaster, I am splendidly restored, a priceless national treasure (disputed in some quarters), but not 100% original parts.

I am ready to accept orders for the items you will find on this website.

I would remind you that we have handed production of couplings and some other small parts to -

Eirl Gabriel Mouilhade "Esson trains d'autrefois "

6 rue des tourelles

91000 EVRY


Website - https://trains-autrefois.com/en/

email  eirlgabrielmouilhade@orange.fr

Gabriel has a technical background and an excellent command of English. He maintains the quality and service that we are known for. One or two UK dealers take stock from him. He may be able to refer you to one, so please email him.

This website will be updated and is your source of information on what you can buy from us and what you should go to Gabriel for.

Ordering from Progress Products - Home or Abroad.

It is difficult to formulate postage scales because we offer products of widely differing sizes and weights.  Please email your requirements and I’ll invoice to cover postage by Royal Mail.